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The Stone Cup Café

The Stone Cup

The Stone Cup is an eco-friendly café in Lyons, Colorado, known for their warm welcome, terrific food and community focus. Big Olive has helped build The Stone Cup brand since they opened in 2004, designing and writing their website, developing their baking program, providing copy for signage and creating their tagline which has made its way to all corners of the world.


Branding • Website • Copywriting • Signage • Social • Recipe Dev

Photography: Big Olive, Fia Finnoff

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Lyons is home to many popular hiking and biking trails and The Stone Cup’s parking lot became a popular drop off place… until signage suggested that cars should be dropped off elsewhere. :)

Baking Program

Big Olive tested and perfected recipes for The Stone Cup’s famous breakfast breads, scones, cookies, muffins and cinnamon rolls.


‘Flippin’ Tasty’ made it’s way onto bumper stickers and then traveled the world!

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